A healthy and fit figure can boost your self-confidence to levels you have not yet experienced. The fury of the sun can never be an excuse to put on weight. Shedding pounds in summer can be really easier than you think if you inculcate some summer friendly habits in your lifestyle. Get set to lose the flab and get fab this summer with these ten easy fitness tips. These best fitness tips are somewhat unusual but can have a dramatic effect on yout health. However, following them will help you to achive your fitness and health goals.

  • Swapping drinks with water: The summer time drinks can wreak havoc on your fitness dream. The tall glass of coke and the yummy Frappuccino you crave for can be packed with more sugar and calories than you have ever imagined. This summer, swap these drinks which adds nothing but empty calories with water. Stay hydrated all through summer with water and avoid sugary drinks. Just adding water instead of sugary drinks can boost your fat loss.

low carb diet

  • Planning your diet wisely: Set realistic diet plans which are easy to follow and healthy, instead of starving yourself to fat loss. Cutting down on the portion of your meal and eating small and healthy meals throughout the day instead of gorging heavy meals three times a day can be easy to follow and show results at the same time. Choose a diet which suits you and which you think you will have minimum qualms about, rather than following a much-hyped celebrity diet.

  • Increasing your coffee intake: This one can sound really pleasant for the coffee drinkers. Coffee contains caffeine which can help you burn fat. Caffeine is a stimulant which is proven to stimulate the cells to break the fat in your body. It can fasten the metabolism of the body as well. Now that you know that the dark brown water is no less than a magic potion when it comes to burning the fat, enjoy drinking your way to fat loss.

  • Cutting down the junk: Regardless of the season, this one should be followed throughout your life. Totally putting an end to the junk food in our life can be very difficult. The fish and fries and the hamburgers can seem very appealing, but make them a rare indulgence and when you decide to pounce on one, do not forget to shed the calories with vigorous workouts.

  • Indulging in homemade cooking: While eating out, you may not know what goes into your food or the method of preparation. So eat from your home whenever possible. Use low fat ingredients and healthy methods of cooking. This will boost your fat loss tenfold.


  • Switching the route: Unusual fitness tip that few think about – If the sun is playing villain in completing your daily morning jog or walk, switch the usual route and decide on a shady one. Dab on some essential oil to keep yourself cool before workouts. After the session, take a refreshing shower to cool yourself.

summer activities

  • Fun with summer activities: Breaking the calories need not always mean less fun. Indulge in some summer friendly activities like playing volley ball, mowing the lawn or gardening. These can be fun ways in which you can lose those pounds.

vitamin d

  • Popping in Vitamin D supplements: Vitamin D pills can aid you in weight loss. But care must be taken not to consume in excess.

  • Boosting the Green tea intake: Known as the healthiest drink on the planet, green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants and other beneficial substances which can fasten the metabolism and accelerate the process of fat burning.


  • Motivate yourself: Peer pressure can lead you to deviate the path of weight loss. Learn to say ‘no’ when it is necessary and motivate yourself everyday by imagining a fitter you. While you can allow yourself to have cheat days occasionally, do not make it a frequent habit.

Some of these fitness tips for fat loss can be quite unusual, but it is the small things that often make the difference and can help tip the balance between success and failure. Please share these best fitness tips as there is wonderful information to help us spread more natural health information to help other live and long and happy exixtence.


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