Author: Eric Chornoby

Can Pilates Help with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms? It’s More Than just the Wrist!

I don’t mean to scare you, but… Apparently, symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Sydrome eventually return to 85% of people who have had the surgery — and many people have repeat surgeries despite Physicians claiming high success rates. . . It’s been my adamant position, ever since massage school almost 20 years ago, that Carpal Tunnel involves a lot more than just the wrist.

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The Natural Way to Meet Weight Loss Goals

Deciding to lose weight is easy. Sticking to weight loss goals is hard. You make a plan, set a goal, and you are off. Before you know it, you realize you wanted to lose five pounds – yesterday. At this point, most people either give up or turn to short cuts. These short cuts are often unhealthy, or simply dangerous. Before you go for the nearest diet pill, consider the natural option. You can lose weight without pills or unhealthy habits. The natural way to weight loss includes exercise, proper nutrition, and weight loss goal setting. You have all...

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Fake News: Fat People are Learning Disabled

  A recent study is making the rounds of media outlets, suggesting that obesity causes learning disorders and memory problems. But statistics sometimes lie. A recent study suggests that there is a link between obesity and memory loss. In fact, it states that for 25 percent of the obese test subjects, their cognitive tests results were low enough to qualify them as learning disabled. Here’s my problem with this study: It lists a bunch of results, without digging any deeper. Problems with the Reporting What percentage of all Americans have learning disorders? How many of the people in the...

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Chemicals That Make You Fat: How Obesogens can Affect Weight Loss

Even when a dieter is faithfully following a weight loss program, the progress can still be slow. Most dieters know about counting calories and exercise, but not many people realize the effect of chemical compounds known as obesogens that can interrupt metabolism which affects obesity. What Are Obesogens? Obesogens are chemical compounds that are foreign to the human body. They’re able to upset homeostasis, which is an equilibrium bodily state where all systems of the body are properly working, as well as interacting so a person’s body has all his needs met. These chemical compounds can cause a person...

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