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Balancing  pH keeps man alive and healthy during 40 years of dialysis due to bio nutritional evaluation

  Are you confused about what to do to keep your body healthy? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Nutrition Test that could tell you what YOUR specific body needs for optimal health? The body is meant to be in homeostasis! The immune system and many other body functions are there to keep your body in that state of balance. However, sometimes things can go wrong. For example, think of a swimming pool and what you have to do to maintain the integrity of the water to be clean and healthy. First of all, you must check...

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Dr Larry Discusses His Health Products That Work

Dr. Larry has recently announced his Wholesale Supplements Program to enable holistic physicians and holistic practitioners earn a residual income and help their patients and clients at the same time.   Here is the transcript of the video above.   [Start of Transcript] Hello I’m Dr. Larry, and I’m here today to introduce a few unique formulations that I have made over the last 40years. I’ve been in practice for over 40 years and I’ve seen many nutritional products come and go from various manufacturers and just to say, I have really not been impressed with too many of the...

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How Does High Blood Pressure Affect Your Body!

Many individuals plagued with high blood pressure are either taking some medication such as beta blockers or angio- tension relievers with or without diuretics. Some individuals are dealing with this problem with a strict diet, exercise, and taking some natural supplements.  None the less, what we have here is blood pressure control most of the time but sometimes we take our blood pressure and it spikes high and we ask ourselves why. What we are not aware of that having intermittent or consistent high blood pressure not only affects our heart but other areas may be affected. Just like...

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Dr Larry and The Magic Of Healing

The World of “Dr. Larry” Dr. Larry grew up in Long Island New York in a very close family with his parents and his older brother. One of his interests as a young boy was playing baseball, and he became an all-star left-handed pitcher. This experience taught him how to work together as a team toward common goals. He also took an interest in playing music at the age of 13. He decided the drums was his favorite musical instrument, and he started to get paid for this once he became more experienced.  He played the drums professionally as...

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