Author: Elaine Wood

Meaning In Your Life – Life and Meaning

Life and Meaning How do Life and Meaning influence your life? The definition has everything to do with how you view, behave, act or respond to any outside stimuli in your world! Why does someone deal with a tragedy and end up dedicating suicide, counting on drugs or other negative behavior yet another takes that disaster and is empowered and winds up living a life of empowerment and success? The reason is indicating, yes the definition we appoint to it !! Let’s contrast for instance a stockbroker who dedicates suicide after a market crash to somebody like Nelson Mandela....

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Coming from a place of Love

  “It’s easy to stay in faith and focus on the positive when life is going well. It’s when we get ‘upset’ conditions it becomes more challenging” Elaine J A Wood It’s quite amazing how focused and positive we human beings can be when everything in our lives seems to be flowing smoothly. When life storms come though it can take a determined, conscious effort to remain on that positive train of thought and not be pulled to the dark side. The ‘what ifs’ go round and round in our minds like turkey buzzards circling their prey. It can...

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The Real Benefits Of Life Coaching

Benefits of Life Coaching As young children we learn and develop as human beings through interacting with the adults we encounter in our daily lives whether within our own families or the wider community. This shapes our personalities and beliefs both about ourselves, other people and the wider world. I often think there is great emphasis on being strong, confident and independent. As we move into adulthood the issue of strength and independence becomes even more pronounced and we are often left with the feeling that to seek help is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from...

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Listen to your words – Conscious Listening

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by. As ever, hoping to raise a smile, make you think or prompt you into making that change that up until now has only been in your dreams. In all my years of working with people as a helping professional, I have found that there is one thing that they are all really good at and that is beating themselves up. I’ve seen the single mom doing the very best she can but beating herself up because, at times with the pressures of 3 kids and a full-time job, she just feels overwhelmed....

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