Author: Ester Banuchyan

The Power Of Positivity

Today I am here to declare that positivity is a unique way of healing and its power is incredible. Positive thinking and self-control is perhaps the key to healthy life and longevity. If you want to live long and happy then you MUST think positive and make people smile more often around you. Sometimes the main cause of many diseases is hidden behind negative feelings, depression, stress, and sadness. Once you break them down into pieces and decide to turn your life into an inspiring adventure you choose positivity and therefore you heal and save yourself from a number...

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Alkaline Water Truth

If you want to know the truth about natural alkaline water then you are in the right place. This time we will find out the benefits or useless ideas about the alkaline water that’s becoming more and more popular in the modern medicine. So, let’s first discover what alkaline water is and then pass on to the details. What is Alkaline Water? Alkaline water is a type of water that possesses a higher, less-acidic pH due to having fewer hydrogen ions. They say that this water has the power to do anything from preventing cancer and fighting off illness...

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What Is Happiness?

Millions of theories, thousands of ideas, hundreds of definitions and countless quotations about happiness! Are they all true or something is missing between them? Do people really know what happiness is? Perhaps this one of the most difficult questions you may be asked during your lifetime. You may give different answers at different stages and ages of your life, because you ALWAYS look for happiness. Once you find it, you start thinking that something could be better. So, was that happiness? While I may explain what happiness is for me, it could be something different for you. However, there...

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Natural Alternative To Chemotherapy

When a person is diagnosed with a special disease he/she is ought to learn a lot about that disease in order to fight it right. When you know everything about your health condition and disease you try to discover not only traditional but also other effective ways to beat it. So, cancer is one of the most dangerous and popular diseases in the world. While some surrender, others prove that they have the power to overcome and win it. Chemotherapy is perhaps the most popular way of fighting against cancer. While it helps to overcome the main cancer problems...

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Battle Anxiety With Essential Oils

The use of essential oils in our life is more important then you can imagine. People used to have different natural oils at their homes for a number of reasons. Some of those oils have healing and relaxing nature, that’s why they are widely used all over the world. Nowadays anxiety has become one of the main problems of the humanity because of our stressful lifestyle. Thus, we do our best to find the most effective ways to battle and win it. Our worries are our number one enemy. A few of us acknowledge the danger of stress, worries...

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