Author: Jock Brocas

Natural Digestive Remedies

There is no doubt that many of the ailments and diseases that inhabit the body are a product of bad choices and a sluggish or unbalanced digestive system. Your digestion can be the catalyst to issues in the body and can also be a last line of defense if the digestion is working at optimum levels. In our last article, we examined the relationship between the digestion and varicose veins. There are so many issues that lay within the digestive system such as; Crohns Disease Diverticular Disease Colon Issues Cancers Constipation There are a multitude of ailments that stem...

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Subliminal Method To Heal Pain

Hypnotherapists have been promoting the power of hypnotherapy for many years and science has taken a substantial time to recognize and support the reality of the hypnotic suggestion to rectify issues in the mind and body. The reality of this technique has been gaining wide popularity and everything from weight loss to healing inner turmoil can be treated to an extent with hypnosis. However, did you know that by using the power of subliminal messaging, you can effectively reduce or indeed heal yourself of pain. In the past, many people would willingly become hypnotized in order to control pain...

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Ten Natural Cancer Treatments

Cancer is by all means a highly serious matter. There are those who believe in chemotherapy while others don’t like to waste time in such treatments owing to the lack of faith in them. Nature has always been the best alternative to science. If you manage to treat yourself naturally in the early stages; you will have the chance of living a long and happy life without the dreadfulness of cancer. On the other hand by using the natural cures, you are likely to prevent cancer from happening. Top ten natural cancer treatments include the following: Best Natural Cancer...

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