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Weed Is Life – Medical Weed’s Lifesaving Benefit

Life-Saving Secrets Of Cannabis. Marijuana or medical weed, the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, has an active ingredient called THC, which makes you feel high when smoked. This plant is grown wild in warm and tropical climates, also known as many names such as, pot, grass, cannabis, weed, hemp, hash, marijuana, and ganja etc. Marijuana has been identified as an herbal remedy for thousands of years. Scientists have studied the active component called cannabinoids. However, the US Drug Enforcement Administration doesn’t allow medical marijuana and its cannabinoids be prescribed, possessed or sold legally under federal law.  And currently, only 6%...

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Natural Digestive Remedies

There is no doubt that many of the ailments and diseases that inhabit the body are a product of bad choices and a sluggish or unbalanced digestive system. Your digestion can be the catalyst to issues in the body and can also be a last line of defense if the digestion is working at optimum levels. In our last article, we examined the relationship between the digestion and varicose veins. There are so many issues that lay within the digestive system such as; Crohns Disease Diverticular Disease Colon Issues Cancers Constipation There are a multitude of ailments that stem...

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Meditation and High Blood Pressure

Meditation has long been revered for its mind, body and spirit benefits. It is a practice that has stood the test of time for thousands of years, and now in every walk of life – from children to adults and in every religion, it is being slowly accepted as normal practice. Most people consider the spiritual benefits of meditation and rarely ever think about the physical benefits that one can gain through the practice of meditation. What Meditation Is Meditation is the practice of bringing the mind, body and soul into harmony with one another. Sounds easy! well luckily,...

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Top Tips To Use Hypnosis For Anxiety

Hypnosis For Anxiety – There is a clear way   Stress and anxiety are things we deal with day-to-day. For those that require help, hypnosis for anxiety may simply be the answer for you. But it is important to get the myth out of the way. You will not be taken over by anything, no one controls your mind and hypnosis is a gentle and loving technique that helps you to retrain your brain. It has been used for thousands of years. Using hypnosis to cmbat your anxiety is often better than taking unconventional or even conventional medicines that...

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Hypnosis For Smoking – 3 Steps to Quit

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Is Real  There is a great deal of controvery whether hypnosis for smoking actually works, some people are succesful with it and some claim they are not, but the reality is that it does work and those people who have experienced negative results have not embraced using hynossis to stop smoking in its entirety – thinking only one session of hypnosis is enough to re-train the brain to change that negative behavior. The fact is that many people fail to follow a real hypnptherapy plan to stop smoking and this is the most important factor...

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