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Are You Looking Vibrant

Why we’ve developed world highest quality supplements using real research and science to create every formula with top PhD Pharmacognosy? Because there’s no compromise on quality of ingredients and that’s why we were just rated as #1 on  Below are just few samples why Someone like Lookingvibrant had to create a true supplement with quality that you can trust! Why Did The New York Attorney General conducted an investigation on supplements sold at 4 national retailers: GNC, Target, Walgreens, CVS and Wal-Mart???  79% of herbal supplements not only contain ZERO herbs, they couldn’t identify what was in them!!! REF: X Biochemist...

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Welcome to Paradigm Shift

Hello and welcome to Paradigm Shift! Thanks for stopping by. I’m so excited you’ve found us. I never believe in coincidences. Do you? My name is Elaine Wood and I feel truly blessed and privileged to have been given the opportunity to write this life coaching column. My greatest wish is that my writing will in some way benefit others. My hope is that it will bring, you the reader whatever you need it to bring. Perhaps it will make you smile, make you think or even move you towards making that change you’ve long thought about. To start,...

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Amazing Benefits Of Organic Foods

  Organic foods have always been the best option for most people. While some people understand the benefits of organic foods, some are just swayed by public opinion but do not really understand the benefits of these types of food. Surprisingly, there is very little research that substantiates the benefits of organic foods. Why? Because most of the research is funded by governments and private entities that seek to promote their products and brands and not necessarily because they are factual. We highlight some of the benefits of organic foods that have been proven. We highlight some of the...

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New Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Method Is Up To Twice As Effective As Diet and Exercise

  More powerful than any other hypnosis session available today, because Minus Method Hypnotherapy sessions are embedded with a powerful new Light and SOUND technology using 3D Virtual Reality Light and Binaural Beats in the sound each specifically designed to guide your mind to an ultra-intensely deep state of mental relaxation to easily and pleasantly enter into an enhanced learning state of mind and create new positive changes to REACH YOUR GOALS. Minus Method requires NO PILLS, NO DIET, NO SURGERY and NO SURGERY. Minus Method’s safe, effective, tested and proven system allows you to have all of sessions...

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600-Year-Old White Oak Tree Being Cut Down In Basking Ridge

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Basking Ridge, New Jersey bid farewell to a piece of its history Monday, as crews chopped down a 600-year-old white oak tree. As CBS2’s Magdalena Doris reported, the tree’s health has failed, and it was time to say goodbye Monday to each grain in the bark, extended branch, and twisted root. The tree was believed to be the oldest white oak tree in North America that has lived in Basking Ridge long before the town grew around it. “Thinking about what it has seen, and the fact that it’s just always been here,” said Kris Emmitt. “It was here when Columbus was here.” Under the tree’s shade, there have bene memories to be made and shared. “We’ve had baptisms, we’ve had weddings, we’ve had funerals under this tree, and it’s sort of sad to see it go,” said Michael Pasnik, 11. The limbs of the tree outstretched for 150 feet next to the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church on Oak Street, while its roots were firmly planted in a Revolutionary War cemetery. “It has been alive for 7,200 months,” said Sherry Antil, 8. “And now sadly, it is going away from Bernards Township.” The roots of the tree in the cemetery will remain where they are, as removal crews carefully worked around the headstones and history. “The story is that George Washington and the Marquis...

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