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Detox Your Colon

A healthy colon is a vital part of a healthy body. Not only that, the affected fecal material that builds up in the colon and intestines releases toxins into the blood stream. Signs that a colon detoxing might be in order consist of fatigue, PMS, headaches, and of course, irregularity. There are a range of methods colon cleansing can be done, consisting of colonic irrigation, enemas, dietary fiber, and laxative herbs. These methods can assist, but each has unfavorable points. Another natural option for colon health is to use an oxygen based colon cleanser. The oxygen gets into the...

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God’s Holy Angels

 God’s Holy Angels Are There For You God’s holy angels are a remarkable source of magnificent strength and comfort for our human souls. They minister God’s love and divine recovery power to us to assist us whenever we are going through challenging situations such as ailment, trouble, and spiritual attack. God will constantly offer us divine aid to get rid of any negative forces that are presently influencing you. Working with the divine energy frequencies of God’s holy angels is an extraordinarily essential and favorable aspect of the Christian faith. Spiritually[ref]”Top Two Christian Angels | The Otherside Press.”Insert Name...

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5 Reasons To Use Solar Power

Use Solar Power Very simply put, ‘Solar energy’ is energy that is derived from the sun. Our sun is an abundant source of energy; it gives of heat and light. The sun’s been revered by several cultures of the past and even by a few cultures still present today. The ancient Egyptians even worshiped the sun as a God. All said and done, it was not misplaced respect; the sun certainly is an abundant and limitless source of power, at least for several generations to come; the merits for using its solar energy are numerous. It’s free Every morning...

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Inside the Garbage of the World

By Dr. Mercola While you may not directly feel the impact of garbage while going about your day to day life, it’s quite literally choking the life out of our ecosystem, and the situation is getting worse with each passing day. Eventually, we will all suffer the very real consequences as the world dies around us. As stated in the featured documentary, Inside the Garbage of the World, “we’re going to create an environmental catastrophe that we may not be able to recover from.” Many take for granted that their garbage “magically disappears” once it’s picked up by the...

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