Author: Waqas Malik

Water for Health: Amazing benefits of Pure Natural Elements

Water is all around us, inside our bodies,  it is a natural element we live closest to followed by air and Earth. An average adult body is composed of 55-65% of water while all the metabolic processes from macro to cellular level are driven by this medium. So the fact that water is essential for health is incontrovertible, but what benefits exactly does it have? Research by hydration expert like Doug Casa reveals benefits of pure drinking water. We feel healthier when we are sufficiently hydrated. So here are some health benefits of water that you should always take...

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Regular Walking

Do you hate exercise? That’s alright because walking isn’t really an exercise; you move about and that’s it. So adapting it as a habit shouldn’t cost you any extra efforts like the detestation you feel going to the gym. Treasures of walking are numerous so let’s have a look at some of the health benefits that come to you without any sweat. 1. Walking makes your heart stronger Regular walking is a great cardiovascular exercise, it not only reduces the risk of heart stroke but also makes your heart more vibrant. It lowers disastrous LDH cholesterol in your blood...

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Is there any difference between Spiritual Healing, Self-Healing, and Placebo Effect?

There is no difference between Spiritual Healing, Self-Healing, and Placebo Effect. There you have it in a simple, clear and blunt sentence so we can move ahead and explain why these natural healing phenomena are one and the same thing. It all starts with a person’s ability to believe and hope that the medicine they are being given is going to cure them. Spiritual Healing, Self-Healing, and Placebos are all related to Your Mind Spiritual healing and self-healing are self-explanatory and though placebo today is a household name, to those who don’t know what it is: Placebo is fake medicine...

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Healthy Foods On The Go – Eating Healthy While Traveling

Taking care of your health is a virtue, and your diet is the front line of that duty. Conscious people understand the fundamentals of a healthy diet, however, some of them are falsely tricked into believing that those rules don’t apply when you are on the travel. On the opposite, taking healthy diet on the travel has more importance than your eating habits at home. So whether you are taking a holiday trip, planning a long vacation or traveling for business purposes, don’t forget to take your diet with you because unwise food choices during traveling can have disastrous...

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