Are you confused about what to do to keep your body healthy?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Nutrition Test that could tell you what YOUR specific body needs for optimal health?

The body is meant to be in homeostasis! The immune system and many other body functions are there to keep your body in that state of balance. However, sometimes things can go wrong. For example, think of a swimming pool and what you have to do to maintain the integrity of the water to be clean and healthy. First of all, you must check the pH and whether it is too acidic or alkaline. If it is too acidic, then you must add alkaline chemicals such as baking soda to the pool water to make it balanced. If it is too alkaline, then you must use acid to neutralize the PH. There are many other factors involved in keeping the water of the pool stable and balanced such as calcium, fungicides, and de-rusting compounds. All in all, taking care of a swimming pool has similarities to taking care of our bodies.

What if you knew exactly what nutritional products to take and what food to eat to keep your body healthy? What if we told you there was a nutritional evaluation that could give you that information for your specific body chemistry?

We are going to share with you a story how the Bio-Nutritional Evaluation came about and originated from a very endearing man named Dr. John Crofoot who currently resides in Oregon. Over 70 years ago now, Dr. John and his mother suffered from uremic poisoning at childbirth. The kidney toxicity caused his kidneys to malfunction even during the birthing process, and this resulted in Dr. John having limited kidney function as a young boy.  It was so bad that both he and his mother almost died during childbirth. As luck and God would have it, they both lived! Dr. John’s mother lived until she was 92 years old, and had a healthy and productive life under Dr. John’s care. Dr. John is still living today with no kidney function as a result of keeping his pH balanced like in the example of a swimming pool with the right foods and supplements!

How does he do this? Dr. John started off life as a salesman when he was a young man.  He always was small and suffered from fatigue due to his limited kidney function. He started to notice that when he ate certain foods, he would get more tired.  He was always searching for a way to help himself naturally to improve his kidney function. He was able to get married and even have a child with his limited kidney function; however, the stresses of life caused him to lose more kidney function in time.

The doctors told him that he would have to go on dialysis in his early 30’s to help his kidneys stay functioning. He realized this was his fate after having such extreme toxins introduced into his system at birth. However, he never gave up hope that he would live a long life anyway. In case you didn’t know, the kidneys are super important to the body, and people that go on dialysis typically only live 5-10 years after they start dialysis.  The extremely lucky people can live for 20 years on dialysis; however, it is very rare to see this.

Dr. John started dialysis in his early 30’s at the prompting of his doctors.  At this time, the stress of a salesman was taking a toll on his body. He then decided to make a career change to become a Naturopathic Doctor who specialized in using both conventional as well as natural therapies to bring the body into homeostasis. He studied all that he could about natural health and what he could eat and take to help improve his kidney function to assist his body in addition to the dialysis that he was getting.

Dr. John stumbled upon a few group of scientists that were testing the pH of the urine and saliva in the body to measure the values from people that were both healthy and sick. The scientists were comparing the two types of values from the sick and healthy people to determine the differences. Dr. Carey Reams, a biological biochemist was one of those pioneers that were also studying the principles of balancing pH of soil to grow healthy plants. He wanted to transition those theories to the human body. He was diligently seen applying those same principles to see if he could help keep the body strong and healthy by balancing the pH of the urine and saliva.

Dr. John became fascinated with this field of study, and he started using the principles on his own body with great success!  He was using Dr. Reams testing, and he was further advancing the testing using himself and some of his patients as the test subjects. These patients were more than happy to volunteer as they saw the improvements in both Dr.John’s health and their own health!

Dr. John then started testing the pH of foods and supplements and seeing what it did to the body when you took certain things. If your pH was too alkaline, he would prescribe certain supplements and foods to bring you back to the proper pH.  This allowed the body to then heal itself of numerous conditions. The principle is that if the pH (as well as other measures in the urine and saliva) are kept at healthy levels for a certain length of time, the body will heal itself of all ailments and stay healthy and strong.

What was the result of all of this research? Dr. John used his urine and saliva testing in his health clinic for many years. He perfected the principles of the test, and he has helped over 30,000 patients in many countries after 40 years of research! He is now alive and retired today after being on dialysis for almost 40 years!! He must be doing something right as he is probably the longest dialysis patient they have ever had!! He still uses the method of balancing his pH properly with foods and supplements that he has learned over the years on his own body.

Dr. Larry Martin is a retired chiropractor and a Naturopathic Physician and Clinical Nutritionist who specialized in using food and nutrition to help his patients regain their health and keep their bodies balanced. He spent many years learning from Dr. John the principles of how to perform this testing. Dr. Larry operates a company called NutraOrgana which can be found at where he sells unique natural health products and performs nutritional evaluations and consultations for his patients.

Dr. Larry studied, researched, and tested Dr. John’s methods and then used them in his practice on his patients for over 20 years now. Dr. Larry and Dr. John worked together for many years helping thousands of patients until Dr. John retired and decided to live his life in a more relaxed state.

Over the years, Dr. Larry expanded on Dr. John’s testing methods by discovering other values in the urine and saliva that can be measured and compared against healthy values. Dr. Larry calls his test the Bio-Nutritional Evaluation.

One of the main principles behind the Bio-Nutritional Evaluation is that you can determine where you are out of balance compared to healthy values. Then, you can use foods and supplements to bring the body into homeostasis. The protocols are very advanced and have been developed over the past 40 years This does not mean that you need to stop taking any medications or things you are already doing! You can start to regain your health and balance the body from exactly where you are today!

With the Bio-Nutritional Evaluation, you can make small changes in your daily routine that can help add years to your life and keep you healthy and feeling good as you age!  Dr. John’s story is a perfect example of someone who has kept himself alive and well after over 40 years of dialysis. Balancing his urine and saliva values has proven to be one of the most effective tools to help him over the years!

Knowing this is what it did for a man with no kidney function, imagine what the Bio-Nutritional Evaluation can do for you!




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Dr Larry is a Holistic Doctor and Chiropractor with over 40 years experience in Holistic Health and Healing.
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