The use of essential oils in our life is more important then you can imagine. People used to have different natural oils at their homes for a number of reasons. Some of those oils have healing and relaxing nature, that’s why they are widely used all over the world. Nowadays anxiety has become one of the main problems of the humanity because of our stressful lifestyle. Thus, we do our best to find the most effective ways to battle and win it. Our worries are our number one enemy. A few of us acknowledge the danger of stress, worries and unpleasant excitement, which tend to build roots for millions of diseases. And again, a few us of know the right ways to fight it. So, besides increasing calm and well-being, essential oils can also treat anxiety reducing the chances of developing stress. They also fight sleep problems, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

How Essential Oils Battle Anxiety?

The way essential oils battle anxiety is usually called aromatherapy. It tends to unify spiritual and psychological processes enhancing a human’s inborn healing procedure. Since essential oils contain not only useful essences but also pleasant smells they surround us with relaxing and very harmonious scent that ideally works against anxiety, stress, and tiredness. Ancient stories tell that Greek, Egyptian and Roman queens and kings liked to enjoy the many benefits of essential oils while bathing and before sleeping. A warm bath containing a few drops of your favorite essential oil is a great way to encourage relaxation. Today we know just the basic ideas about the usage of those oils but the more we discover these oils the more we understand their role in our lifestyle. According to aromatherapy, when you smell an essential oil, cells in the nose receive the aroma molecules and send signals to the limbic system of the brain. It is the center that rules our emotions. That’s why smelling certain essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, angelica, sweet orange, often triggers emotions including a sense of peace, joy, contentment or excitement. You can also mix several essential oils in a well-balanced manner for a better result. Consult with an expert if you are not aware of the most useful features of essential oils or just keep up with our posts.

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Well, now let’s see which are the best essential oils to heal anxiety. So, the number one oil is the bergamot essential oil. It’s a green citrusy fruit that’s able to boost blood circulation, balance nerves and reduce anxiety. The second one is called angelica. The name of this plant comes from angel. Its oil is known with its anti-anxiety effects. The researches show that this essential oil is as effective in treating anxiety as its drug counterpart, but it’s more natural and side effect-free. Another citrusy oil to use against stress is sweet orange oil. It helps you overcome worries and depression. One of the widely used essential oils in aromatherapy is lavender oil. It’s probably the most popular essential oil that you can find everywhere. The scent of lavender is so dainty, relaxing and subtle.

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