The root of the Ginseng plant and its uses for medical purposes is old as the annals of time itself. It was first discovered over 5000 years ago in the mountains of Manchuria, China, before its wide spread to the Western world. This miraculous medical plant has enormous benefits on the human body and there are absolutely no natural food sources of ginseng. The advantages of ginseng are innumerous, and here, I would like to discuss some of them.

For starters, there are two main types of ginseng: the Asian or Koren ginseng (Panax ginseng) and the American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). American studies have been carried out, and it has been seen that a strong correlation exists where the intake of ginseng helps to combat or aid against the lethal Type 2 diabetes by lowering the levels of sugar in blood after a meal. This effect was seen to average blood-levels in the body over a three-month period as well. The Ginseng berry is also believed to be effective against obesity and aids in weight control. For example, Ginseng tea which can be made from the berries, can serve as a natural appetite suppressant. How amazing is that! Ginseng is a brilliant tonic which can also aid and improve one’s stamina and their energy levels. As a result, athletes can use oxygen much more effectively and increase their energy levels as the metabolism of the athlete functions with a greater efficiency. Consuming Ginseng can also reduce recovery times in between exercising sets due to the improvement of stamina. Overall, this can, therefore, increase one’s physical energy levels. In addition to the physical benefits this herb grants, the tea from the ginseng can also be used as a natural stimulant for the brain cells, which results in a better mental cognition. It helps with concentration and the power of thinking. One particular American Ginseng has also shown to boost the immune system, decreasing the number and severity of colds in adults. Ginseng is also associated with improving one’s mood and also in the case of boosting endurance. Even apart from that, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, and other conditions seem to improve with the usage of Ginseng.

In today’s day and age, erectile dysfunction is rather common, and this miracle herb can help one combat it. Ginseng tea made from the Korean Red Ginseng has long been used to stimulate a man’s sexual function. A careful note of warning however, be sure to discuss this with your doctor; ginseng could have other kinds of interactions with drugs or cause allergic reactions. As well as men, females, or rather young women who suffer from menstrual cramps and/or distress are advised to take the American Ginseng Tea. It can also alleviate the pain in the abdomen associated with menstruation.

Ginseng could have some side effects when it is consumed along with other medications so it is highly recommended that you consult your physician or doctor first before taking ginseng with other medication. Also, some experts suggest that ginseng should not be used more than three months, or sometimes, just a few weeks, at a time.


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