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Can Pilates Help with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms? It’s More Than just the Wrist!

I don’t mean to scare you, but… Apparently, symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Sydrome eventually return to 85% of people who have had the surgery — and many people have repeat surgeries despite Physicians claiming high success rates. . . It’s been my adamant position, ever since massage school almost 20 years ago, that Carpal Tunnel involves a lot more than just the wrist.

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I battled Scoliosis and won — can modifed Pilates help you, too?

I had Scoliosis from childhood and was told at age 10 that there was “nothing” I could do about it. Well, at age 40, I proved that assertion wrong. I used modified Pilates, Osteopathic Sciences, and therapeutic bodywork to change my spine — and along with that, I changed the hips, feet, and more. Please do keep in mind that there was no quick-fix or micacle cure, it was a lot of work. And it involved discovering a lot of information that wasn’t talked about much in the medical field. But I had the pleasure of convincing a local Neurosurgeon who does spinal surgeries that there are therapeutic options that he had not previously considered for pre-and post-surgery. Now, I help clients to see things in a very simple way. The concepts are simple. The exercises start out simple. Complexity builds based on the client’s individual needs and experiences. The most important thing is daily effort.

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