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CNN’s medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta says medical marijuana should be legalized — period. In his third special on the subject, “Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution,” he calls for all healthcare providers to re-evaluate their stance on this natural therapy, in light of the latest science.

According to Dr. Gupta:1

“There is now promising research into the use of marijuana that could impact tens of thousands of children and adults, including treatment for cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s, to name just a few.

With regard to pain alone, marijuana could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country.”

Dr. Gupta is not alone — marijuana’s stigma is rapidly dissolving. For the first time in history, a majority of Americans favor legalization: 53 percent favor legalizing marijuana across the board, and 77 percent support legal medical use.2

In 1969, only 12 percent of Americans favored marijuana legalization — support has risen 11 points in the past few years alone!

In terms of public policy, the tides seem to finally be turning toward compassion and common sense. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are casting votes in favor of legalization. Even the new surgeon general cites data on just how helpful medical cannabis can be.

One of our major challenges is the revision of federal drug laws so that they’ll no longer clash with state laws, which will smooth the path toward better scientific research and improved marijuana accessibility.

Marijuana Is Legal… Sort Of

Laws related to marijuana are changing so rapidly that keeping them straight can be daunting. Below is a summary of where things stand, in terms of the practical application of recent marijuana laws:3

Medical marijuana is legal in 24 states


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