The World of “Dr. Larry”

Dr. Larry grew up in Long Island New York in a very close family with his parents and his older brother. One of his interests as a young boy was playing baseball, and he became an all-star left-handed pitcher. This experience taught him how to work together as a team toward common goals. He also took an interest in playing music at the age of 13. He decided the drums was his favorite musical instrument, and he started to get paid for this once he became more experienced.  He played the drums professionally as a show drummer in many hotels for major acts in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  At age 15, he took an avid interest in the world of bodybuilding and pursued this throughout his life. This shows that his interest in shaping the body was very close to his heart even at a young age. Back then, his favorite foods to build his body were yogurt, greens, and protein which served him well.  Even as a teenager, he was a pioneer in studying and using nutrition as tools to help make the body stronger.

Dr. Larry started to notice that he was getting intuitive messages to help others with their problems and certain personal situations.  People would come to him to ask him questions or get advice, and he found that he could assess health problems in people just by getting an “intuitive hit” or a feeling that would come over him. This was a gift that he learned about and developed it further very early on in life.  He noticed over time that the area from his shoulders to his fingers had incredible strength and a pronounced energy “Chi” that had a healing effect on people. Many people commented that when he touched them with this part of his body, things just felt tremendously better.



It’s All Healing Magic

One time, when he was playing the drums in the Catskill Mountains, he attended a state fair where he saw a magician vanish a radio in mid-air.  This experience caused him to pursue performing magic to entertain others. He worked as a professional magician on stage while he was attending college. He was so intrigued that you could actually use your skills to modify and change any situation in the blink of an eye.  This showed him that things are not as stable or stagnant as they seem. This aroused his interest to examine the theory that we are not just bodies existing in a three-dimensional world. We all consist of energy and matter which cannot be created or destroyed based on Newton’s Laws which he learned in his high school science classes.  Dr. Larry realized that he was very interested in studying science more in depth and further understanding the laws in the universe and how energy works.

magic of healing

Dr. Larry is an amazing Doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone for his services and/ or products. I’ve used many of his products and even did his saliva test and have had amazing results. I have not met many doctors as genuine and caring as he is about my health care needs and he is like that with every one that he meets.


As a young man, Dr. Larry’s next door neighbor and father used a chiropractic physician for their back problems. One day he was playing sports, and the next day, he woke up with a pain in his groin which felt like a hernia, and he was very scared that something was seriously wrong. His neighbor took him to his trusted chiropractor, and in one visit, the pain vanished as quickly as the radio by the magician. This showed the importance of giving the body the right tools and removing any blocks to healing. He went on to learn and believe that chiropractic care often are the perfect natural healing method that allows the energy to flow and then body can heal itself like magic!

After high school, Dr. Larry decided to go to college to study Biology. He then attended Columbia Institute of Chiropractic where he excelled in diagnosis, ear, nose and throat healing techniques, and using clinical nutrition to heal the body.  He also went on to obtain his Naturopathic degree years later to further his education in natural healing methods.  He has implemented and utilized clinical nutrition as a primary protocol for his patients for over 40 years. He believes in giving the body the proper nutrients to help it to heal magically!

During his time as a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Larry invented the Alpha-Tron Life Management System and the Acu-Point System for Health which have both helped many people to further their healing capacity using all natural healing methods.  He also developed the Voyager Spatial Healing Technology which is comprised of offering his patients light and sound therapy, as well as specific frequencies for optimal health.  Dr. Larry is presently investigating the efficacy of a Bio-Feedback Frequency Generator to promote healing at a cellular level. This shows promise to support and balance the body for optimal health.

At this time, Dr. Larry is engaged in writing a book about regaining your health and all the facets involved with this from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Dr. Larry currently practices as an accomplished medical intuitive and an intuitive health counselor who can help you regain your health when other healing methods have failed!. His unique healing ability combines science and intuition to determine the root physical, nutritional or emotional cause of your specific health challenges.

Dr. Larry prides himself on shedding light on unique healing options and alternative health solutions for his clients. For example, Dr. Larry also developed a signature diagnostic tool he calls his “Bio-Nutritional Evaluation”. This is an analysis of your urine and saliva that specifically targets health markers that normally cannot be found with other diagnostic tools. This is a cutting edge, one-of-a-kind evaluation that can really help bring the body back into balance! Dr. Larry has found that once you determine what your body wants to balance itself, the body can literally heal magically!



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Dr Larry Martin

Holistic Doctor at Nutraorgana
Dr Larry is a Holistic Doctor and Chiropractor with over 40 years experience in Holistic Health and Healing.
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