Dr. Larry has recently announced his Wholesale Supplements Program to enable holistic physicians and holistic practitioners earn a residual income and help their patients and clients at the same time.


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Hello I’m Dr. Larry, and I’m here today to introduce a few unique formulations that I have made over the last 40years. I’ve been in practice for over 40 years and I’ve seen many nutritional products come and go from various manufacturers and just to say, I have really not been impressed with too many of the products. I found some companies have some very unique products that work but in today’s times people want fast acting products with efficacy.

The first product I’ll introduce to you is a product called Pressure-Ease. This is for blood pressure support. I’ve been using this product for over 25years, it probably works for about 75%-85% of the people and you know there is no product that works on 100% of the people, but if we have a product that works on 75%-85% of the people, we have a winner. This product is a natural herbal which is actually going to end your blood pressure tension and it works pretty quick. You’ll find that in a week the blood pressures you know will start stabilizing and go down to normal limits. This is called Pressure-Ease a blend of 7different herbs that I formulated. It’s a very rare formulation on how we formulate the herbs, how we dry them out and actually how we potentiate them. So, this is Pressure-Ease

The second product is called ‘Sweet dreams. Over 70 million people in the United States that have sleep deprivation. This is a major problem in the United States and people are taking all kinds of tranquilizers and sleep aids and pharmaceuticals to get some type of rest. By creating this product, I worked on this for many years. You can take between 2-3capsules about an hour before bed time and again 75%-80% of people are going to have sound sleep, better time thinking and they going to be more relaxed.  There are some specific herbs to relax the muscles. We get a lot of people that have chronic pain, you know from muscles from the joints from arthritis which gives discomfort while they sleep. So, this will also help with the relaxation of muscles itself.

And the third product I have is a product called Cholex. As we all know over the years, everybody has been inundated with people who have elevated cholesterol low H.D.L. high L.D.L. This and a very unique product, it’s different than anything on the market today. It does not have the typical things that you have other manufacturers sell, it has special oils in it and we give a person 1-3 capsule/day over a period of 3months. Then you can recheck the blood and see efficacy of the product itself.  You will love the product; there are no side effects in any of these products, I haven’t had a problem.

Now, the other thing we’re confronted with is that many of us out there are working very hard. You actually work fee for service, and this never ends every day. You’re in this fee for service, but the key is if you’re going to take the initiative to sell nutritional products; whether it’s homeopathic or herbal you have to have products that are fast acting. This is due in part again because people are going to give you one chance.  You’re going to sell a product to them, and within a month they need to be back in your office refilling it. But, they actually come to you because they’re very excited about the product, and this helps you if you give great care to your patients. Followed by number 2, the product has great efficacy. Number 3, you produce residual income for yourself, and you keep patient excitement in these products. You will produce more and more residual income, and think about this even when you stop working. When you get older you can still sell product from your home to these patients, and provide residual income for yourself.

So, the fourth product I’m coming out with very soon is for blood sugar support. I have made it previously and I am remaking it again a little better. It has been getting results. I try not to get too involved with many products. I try to get into the main healing products that people are afflicted with; which is Blood

Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Sleep. These are some of the main problems that people are having that you’re confronted with on a daily basis. You have to understand that when people don’t sleep, the body doesn’t heal. So, any questions you may have you can you can call me or you can actually e-mail me at drlarrydirect@gmail.com. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. You will buy these products at the wholesale level and this is not a multi-level, so if you buy a wholesale and sell retail, usually your profit margin is 100%.  They’re not overpriced and you will get results. Thank you, it was a pleasure speaking with everybody. You know I look forward to helping you in your practice, have a great day.

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