By Dr. Mercola

We all experience blips in our memory now and then, but wouldn’t it be handy to be able to recall information instantly whenever you need it? Forgotten names of colleagues or old friends, lost keys, and that item from your grocery list you forgot at the store… all would become things of the past.

It may be next to impossible to completely eliminate such blips from your life, but you can certainly ramp up your brain function to enhance your memory, cognitive skills, and more. Your brain is actually a very moldable organ with the remarkable ability to reorganize pathways, create new connections and, in some cases, even create new neurons throughout your entire lifetime.

Much of this ability comes from lifestyle choices, like the foods you eat, your daily activity and exercise. However, some of it is driven by your mental activities (like learning and socializing). You can even boost your ability to recall information, both now and later, using these simple tricks compiled by TIME.1

Boost Your Ability to Think Better Now… and Later

1. Turn on Classical Music

It’s long been theorized that listening to music may boost your brainpower; you’ve probably heard of this with the “Mozart Effect,” which suggests listening to classical music can help make you smarter.
Recent research showed, in fact, that people who listened to Mozart’s classical music had an increase in brain wave activity linked to memory, understanding, and problem solving.2 Ironically, music composed by Beethoven showed no such effect. Researchers explained:3

“These results may be representative of the fact that Mozart’s music is able to ‘activate’ neuronal cortical circuits (circuits of nerve cells in the brain) related to attentive and cognitive functions.”

2. Sniff Rosemary Oil

People who sniffed rosemary essential oil


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