By Dr. Mercola

GrassrootsHealth in conjunction with the University of California San Diego has recently released a series of Vitamin D continuing education training courses and certifications you won’t want to miss.
Whether you are a health care professional or a layperson looking to increase your knowledge, these presentations are sure to be of benefit to everyone — and they’re offered free of charge!
Today I’m also offering a live webinar in which I’ll discuss a number of other essential nutritional strategies for optimal health. If you have not yet registered for this webinar, you can do so in the webinar section below.
Free Vitamin D Education for the General Public

Free education sessions for the general public can be found on the University of California Vitamin D for Public Health page. Here you will learn about the science of sunshine exposure and vitamin D, the health conditions affected by vitamin D, how to optimize your vitamin D levels, and much more.
Thousands of studies have been done on the health effects of vitamin D, and research shows that it is involved in the biochemical function of all cells and tissues in your body, including your immune system and function.
When you’re deficient in vitamin D, your health can deteriorate in any number of ways, because your cells actually need the active form of vitamin D to gain access to the genetic blueprints stored inside the cell.
It’s been estimated that if vitamin D levels were raised among the general population, it could prevent chronic diseases that claim nearly one million lives throughout the world each year!
So please, take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to get this vital education free of charge, and share it with everyone you know so they can be empowered too.
Besides addressing your diet, optimizing your vitamin D level is


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