One of the most popular trends in the world of architecture is Eco-friendly design. There are new construction buildings designed to be beautiful mainstream green structures. This type of Eco-friendly design is starting to focus more on aesthetics. These designs are covering the entire design spectrum. They are also becoming a major part of building renovations.


Green Building Design

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), identifies a green building as the act of creating structures using methods that are identified as environmentally responsible. Throughout the building’s life-cycle it is resource-efficient. This begins at the design stage and continues with maintenance, operation, deconstruction, renovation and more. According to Process Systems, “Alternative energy is proving to be a solid investment in the future of energy production and consumption.”


Emerging Trends

According to Eco Building Pulse, there are a number of key elements for green building construction that are emerging trends.



One of the goals of this new trend is to choose a location where an infrastructure is very compatible with the surrounding environment. Builders are now choosing locations where the area’s natural elements are not eliminated. They become part of the building’s infrastructure.

green buildings


This is constructing a building that doesn’t block access to natural resources. It is a building that promotes equitable access to healthy spaces for everyone. This does away with the idea that because a property is owned, an owner can do what they want to it.



This is a building that is designed to recycle greywater as well as treat rainwater so it can be consumed by people and more. This type of building can also be constructed to release storm water in certain circumstances.



There is a trend toward having buildings constructed without materials that could harm a human or the earth’s ecosystem. This means using construction materials without known carcinogens, toxins, endocrine disrupters and more.



There is also an effort with green building construction that improves the special connection between nature and humans. This involves such features as having plant life in buildings. Indoor and outdoor air quality improvements for the building’s tenants and more.

green building design

Cost Effective

According to US Sunpower, there are many builders who believe they can’t construct green buildings because it will cost them too much money. Going green may cost slightly more in the beginning because the construction materials and products may be more expensive. There are also cost savings that can be realized. There will be energy costs savings because these buildings provide energy conservation.



When building construction adopts greener practices, they can enjoy the advantage of the economic as well as environmental performance. These buildings can conserve natural resources as well as protect ecosystems and a location’s biodiversity. They lower operating costs and improve occupant productivity. An Eco-friendly building will improve the health and comfort of its occupants and reduce the strain on an area’s infrastructure.


Green Buildings

Around the world, there are some notable building that meet the highest standards for form, function and being Eco-friendly.



This is the second tallest building in the world. The building’s parking areas, as well as outer lighting, is powered by wind turbines located at the top of the building. This has dramatically decreased the need in the building for artificial lighting. It also has transparent glass that permits natural light to enter the building at various locations. It has an automatic system that monitors the building’s lighting, heating, ventilation and more.



This building has a reputation for being the most sustainable building in the world. It is made of over 29 percent recycled material. It has a plumbing system that efficiently recycles rainwater. The building also has a green roof as well as hundreds of parking spots for bikes.



Over 14 percent of the power used in this building is generated from three huge wind turbines located on its facade. It also has a heat recover system and a lighting system that is solar-powered.



There are many benefits associated with making a building Eco-friendly. According to Redfin, there are also things a person can do to make their home greener. This includes creating a recycling and compost station. Another is collecting rainwater to water plants and gardens. It’s also recommended a homeowner install low flush toilets and showerheads. Using native plants to landscape a yard also helps.



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