Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Is Real

 There is a great deal of controvery whether hypnosis for smoking actually works, some people are succesful with it and some claim they are not, but the reality is that it does work and those people who have experienced negative results have not embraced using hynossis to stop smoking in its entirety – thinking only one session of hypnosis is enough to re-train the brain to change that negative behavior.

The fact is that many people fail to follow a real hypnptherapy plan to stop smoking and this is the most important factor that you need. So here are our top three tips in using hypnosis to stop smoking. Many articles will give you so many tips but sometimes it is too much to follow all the tips that dont really have any affect and so as we live in a 3 dimensional world, we believe everything is chanllenged on three levels and targetting these on three levels is all that is needed to be succesful with anything.

Hypnosis Targets The Mind Body and Spirit

Our three Top Tips in using hypnosis for smoking will target these three aspects, thus adjoining your hypnosis therapy plan to maximize the success of your results and gain a permanent change in your behavior and achieving a happier and healthier life. So lets understand that hypnosis is not a seperate act that is induced by ingesting some sort of drug. It is enterring the spiritual aspect of onself by gently putting yourself into a trance like state or what is understood as an alternate state by visualizing and following a visualization to enter that spiritual aspect of oneself and so this can be induced by using hypnosis downloads or hypnosis cds if you are doing it on your own or by finding a reputable hypnotherapy professional. One major news source cites a hynosis professional saying;

“Hypnosis, or some sort of trans inductions, has been around for thousands of years,” says Norman West, a clinical psychologist who often uses hypnotherapy in his practice. “Modern hypnosis came on the scene in Europe in the 1800s.”

Though the entertainment industry may have portrayed hypnosis as a means of getting people to act goofy onstage or become an assassin at the drop of a trigger word, its effects are far more productive when used therapeutically, says West, a Lookout Mountain, Tenn., native who now lives and practices in Monteagle, Tenn.

“I have patients who want hypnosis to help lose weight, stop smoking and even for sports enhancements,” West says. “Athletes like hypnosis to enhance their visual techniques. A quarterback, for instance, who wants to enhance his passing technique will focus on visual techniques. He can use hypnosis by visualizing passing that football accurately. One minute of this visualization can be the equivalent of an hour’s practice. It can be pretty effective.”

Hypnosis also is being used in medical situations, including childbirth and surgery. In those cases, hypnosis generally is used to calm the patient and reduce anxiety.

It is clearly evident that visualizing and reducing ones anxiety and entering a meditative state to reach this real you is the fundemental important factor in using hypnosis to stop smoking or for anything in your life. A hypnosis professional is merely the catalyst to get you started. Lets start on our Top Tips in Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking.

Find a Hypnotherapist

Don’t just look for any hypnotherpast in a directory or online without checking out his or her history and more that anything thier successes. Have they got verifiable reviews that target smoking cessation and have those people continued to remain succesful since going through the Hypnosis for Smoking Program. Also look for a professional who is holistic in nature and has an appathy with spiritual matters, who understands the gammut of mind, body and soul.

Learn to Meditate

Here is something that many people do not take into consideration and that is the power of meditation. Learning basic mindulness techniques and how the body and breath can work hand in hand with your hypnosis plan. You can follow meditation downloads or even your hypnosis downloads to help you with your meditation. Perhaps your hypnotherapist will be able to walk you through many meditation exercises to help you. This is you targetting the mind and body as one. There is a great deal of benefit in meidtation and this can help you with your smoking cessation. Just look at these 10 benefits, however there is a lot more besides;

1. Ditch depression.

Research suggests that 30 minutes of meditation improves depression symptoms (along with anxiety and pain)Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-being. Goyal M, Singh S, Sibinga EM, et al. JAMA Internal Medicine.2014;174(3):357-368. doi:10.1001.. In fact, the practice could possibly prevent depression and pain altogether—scientists discovered that people who meditate may have more control over how their brains process and pay attention to negative sensations (like pain) and negative thoughts (like depression triggers).

2. Stress less.

Nix those nail-biting moments already. When you meditate, you’re able to override a part of the brain responsible for the fear mechanism (which releases cortisol, the damaging stress hormone that’s responsible for a whole grab bag of health issues), says Korda. One study suggests that meditation can cut back on anxiety by almost 40 percentNeural correlates of mindfulness meditation-related anxiety relief. Zeidan F, Martucci KT, Kraft RA, et al. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. (2014) 9 (6): 751-759. doi: 10.1093.. And it doesn’t take a ton of time to reap these keep-calm-and-carry-on benefits. Just 25 minutes of meditation (done three times per week) may make tasks feel less stressful, according to recent researchBrief mindfulness meditation training alters psychological and neuroendocrine responses to social evaluative stress.  Creswell JD, Pacilio LE, Lindsay EK, et al. International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology. June 2014 Volume 44, Pages 1–12..

3. Relieve headaches.

Meditation may be an excellent line of defense against those horrible head-pounding episodes. Recent research finds that the practice leads to major relief of tension headaches (though it’s worth noting that the treatment program in this study involved both meditation and medication, like muscle relaxants)Effect of rajyoga meditation on chronic tension headache. Kiran, Girgla KK, Chalana H, et al. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 2014 Apr-Jun;58(2):157-61..

4. Be nicer.

Meditation may help you kill ‘em with kindness. In one study, the practice was linked with more empathy and laughter, being more social, and having a more team-oriented mentality (the meditation practitioners in the study used the word “we” more than “I”).

5. Boost memory.

If your desktop is wallpapered with sticky note reminders and you often find your mind jumping from thought to thought, you may want to turn to meditation. It’s been shown to not only improve memory but to help cut back on distracting thoughtsMindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity and GRE Performance While Reducing Mind Wandering. Mrazek MD, Franklin MS, Phillips DT, et al. Psychological Science. March 28, 2013, doi: 10.1177..

6. Get more out of your workout.

Exercise, especially HIIT workouts in full-blown #beastmode, can do a number on your muscles and your central nervous system  But meditation allows you to rest your body and mind very deeply, removing stress from your physiology and priming you for excellent sweat sessions, says Ben Turshen, a former lawyer who’s now a fitness professional and qualified independent teacher of Vedic Meditation in New York City. With meditation’s ability to reduce our stress levels, we’re able to perform our workouts that much better and enjoy them that much more, he says. And studies support Turshen’s point. Plus, meditation might also help minimize sensitivity to pain (read on for deets on that!), meaning it might be just the boost you need to take on new fitness challenges.

7. Keep colds away.

No need to buy that jumbo 12-pack of tissue boxes. Research links meditation with having fewer respiratory illnesses, quicker recovery times, and needing fewer sick days from workMeditation or Exercise for Preventing Acute Respiratory Infection: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Barrett B, Hayney MS, Muller D, et al. Annals of Family Medicine. July/August 2012 vol. 10 no. 4 337-346..

8. Build better relationships.

Meditation will absolutely help you maintain healthy relationships, say Bernstein and Korda. Not only does it let you be more present in relationships, but it also helps you approach tricky situations with a calm mind and body. In fact, it may help you avoid big blowouts when dealing with a relationship issue (he/she said what?!). In one study, people who meditated and tried to problem-solve with their partner approached the issue with less hostility and a better moodContemplative/emotion training reduces negative emotional behavior and promotes prosocial responses. Kemeny ME, Foltz C, Cavanagh JF, et al. Emotion, Vol 12(2), Apr 2012, 338-350..

9. Protect your heart.

Here’s a pretty great (and totally unexpected) way to boost your heart health—no burpees involved. Yep, we’re talking about meditation! In one study, patients with coronary heart disease who practiced meditation had a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, and even deathStress Reduction in the Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. Schneider RH, Grim CE, Rainforth MV, et al. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. November 13, 2012, doi: 10.1161..

10. Catch more Zs.

It is clear that in a worlld fraught with technology, we take these to bed and have them constantly around us and this is not good for us. Meditation can help us calm the mind to help us sleep better and become more relaxed.

Take Good Nutrition and Move More – This is your Third and last Tip In Using Hypnosis For Smoking

You can see that in our quest to learn to use hypnosis for smoking, we have actaully gained so much more in mind, body and spirit and this third aspect will complete that healthy cycle. Your hypnotherapist has helped retrain your mind with their hypnosis for smoking program and they have taught you to meditate to help you reduce stress, and to help you activate the changes needed with your mind and partially your body, but now you need to take action.

Making a change should extend to all youtr facets, including your body, and so what you feed your body with is just as important as feeding your mind with positive affirmations and visualizations.

Sow Your Seeds Of Positivity

If you plant a seed and never nurture it, then it will not grow into a beautiful flower or tree. However, if you sow your seed and feed it with good things and positive things then you will of course see it grow in health and vitality, this is the same with your body. If you feed your body with good things – nutrition and exercise, then you will harvest good things. Therefore it is important that you should sow seeds of positivity within your body by eating well and exercising. Taking good clean living to a new level.

Hypnosis For Smoking Conclusion

We have given you three major steps that if followed with a good smoking hypnosis program and lifestyle change – mean you cant fail. Three aspects that complete the circle of life and will help you to make lomg lasting changes whilst stopping smoking. The benefits are yours for the taking and whether you do this with a hypnotherapis or use any of the hypnosis downloads or programs online, your success is in your hands.

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