Why do more and more people prefer and opt for organic personal care products these days? Are such products really of a big deal? Well, organic personal care products are just as important as the organic food we consume. They contain natural and organic ingredients sourced from plants and minerals. In other words, these products are prepared without the use of chemicals or synthetics. In addition, organic and personal care products are eco-friendly and healthier.

The market for organic personal care products is growing with consumers perceiving them as better and safer than regular products. They are luring more consumers, inspiring young brands and attracting several companies in the space. The organic personal care products market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.2% during the forecast period, 2018-2025. Growing concerns related to health and beauty among consumers mainly drives the industry. Besides, the rise in the standard of living and the growing disposable income of people in the developing countries are propelling the market growth. On the other hand, the short shelf life of organic personal care products and better results obtained from advanced beauty treatments cause hindrances to the market growth.

Active players in the industry are working to meet the growing demand for natural skin products, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, makeup, and so on. They are expanding their presence worldwide by means of certain marketing strategies such as innovative product launches. For instance, Rosemira Organics recently launched an organic skincare sample kit with a free voucher to help people experience their products and learn how they can meet their health and beauty requirements. ECOCERT introduced its revolutionary beauty brand called Divine Organics that fuses nature with beauty. L’Oréal recently announced the launch of its new vegan plant-based hair dye collection called Botanea. Rael, a startup recently launched an organic menstrual pad trial kit which is chlorine free, fragrance-free, toxin-free, and made of 100% breathable organic cotton.

Rosemira Organics Introduces Organic Skin Care Products

In December 2017, Rosemira Organics, one of the biggest online organic health and beauty retailers announced its launch of an organic sample kit so that consumers can experience the quality of their wonderful products. The sample pack is being offered with three products which include a cleanser, a hydrosol toner, and a treatment serum. For every kit ordered, the company provides an extra free sample of a moisturizing cream. The organic skincare sample pack comes with free shipping and at an initial price of ten dollars. However, the company offers a ten-dollar voucher which makes the pack free of cost. The voucher is valid for the customers first purchase only.

A Revolutionary Beauty Brand by ECOCERT

ECOCERT, the largest organic certification organization in the world launched an organic beauty brand in December 2017. Called Divine Organics, the brand becomes India’s first comprehensive range of beauty brand to foster a healthy lifestyle. Divine Organics makes sure that its products are 100% organic, free of harmful chemicals, and use organic manufacturing methods. Hence, the brand ensures that no additives are used in the products or in the production process so that customer can enjoy greater transparency in their products.

L’Oréal Launches New Hair Dye Collection

L’Oréal SA, a French cosmetics company announced the release of its first vegan, 100 percent plant-based hair dye collection called Botanea. The new product line is sourced from three plants of Indian origin and will be available in European salons in 2018. The launch is a reaction to the fast-growing natural and organic personal care products market. The company is also hoping to strengthen their professional products sector, which has been the slowest-performing area in the recent times.

“We’ve managed to marry naturalness with a professional result without compromising on either point,” said Marion Brunet, head of the L’Oréal Professional brand at a launch event in Paris.

Startup Unveils an Organic Menstrual Pad Trial Kit

Rael, a startup company launched an organic menstrual pad trial kit in December 2017. The kit provides women the convenience of trying safe, organic sanitary pads for their monthly needs. The release was a response to the growing awareness of toxic chemicals found in sanitary pads. The product is free of chlorine, fragrance, and toxins and made up of 100% breathable organic cotton. The kit comes with full-size packages of regular pads, regular pantyliners, feminine wash and one single facial sheet mask. Compared to the organic sanitary pads available in the market, the quality of Rael pads is high and the cost is low.


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