An introduction to Life Coaching with your Coach Lew Bronstein

My name is Lew Bronstein and I would like to help you to understand what Life Coaching actually is.  There are lots of opinions of what a Life Coach actually does.  Some people think Life Coaching is magic and that the coach “does something to them to create the change”, others think that it like seeing a physiatrist where you focus on problems and others have no idea what a coach does!

Let me shed some light on this subject for you.  Life Coaching can appear to be very “magical” in appearance especially when you witness a client having a breakthrough.  The true magic of life coaching is the amazing transformation that can occur during a session.  Life Coaching is somewhat similar to psychology by working through a process of moving from negative to positive resolution.

The truth is a good coach doesn’t do anything to you but rather guides you through a process of self-discovery and asks questions that help you to breakthrough what is holding you back and design a plan to sustain the transformation and condition the change so that it becomes habit and part of your lifestyle.  A coach is not a psychologist but rather a guide to transformation.  The biggest difference being that most psychologists spend most of the time focusing and rehashing the problem where as in coaching we tend to spend about 5 percent of the time defining the problem and 95 percent of the time on the solution. Coaching is very solution oriented.  Many times it is a simple distinction that sets the change in motion.

We teach our clients the skills to maintain their changes and also to deal with new challenges when they come up.

You may ask what would a coaching session be like?  First off there are two very important things to remember before beginning a coaching session, the first being to make sure that you are completely comfortable with your coach because it is imperative that you are completely honest and open with you coach and second that you attend your session with an open mind and be open to new ideas.   Once who find a qualified and trust worthy coach you will set up an appointment that you must keep!

During the discovery portion of the session you and your coach will acquaint with the process and what your expected outcome will be.   Once the true challenge has been identified your coach will walk you through a process that will eradicate the old limiting beliefs and then help to install new beliefs and processes to draw you to your desired results!

Once you have installed the new beliefs you and your coach will devise a plan to help you to stay on track with you achievement and progress.

Lastly your coach will teach you how to anchor positive anchors in your environment and how to anticipate challenges in advance and understand that the real meaning anything has is the meaning we give it.

This has been a generalization of what the coaching process is like.  As with any modality there are as many processes as there are scenarios for coaching sessions so your coach will custom design each session to assist you in achieving your outcome.

There are many areas of life that Life Coaching can help you with.  A few of these areas include:

Goal setting, health and wellness coaching, decision making, relationships, business and career, cigarette cessation, phobia eliminations and emotional trauma as well as any aspect of life where there is something holding you back and where you need to have direction for progress!

I am sure you still have many questions about coaching so I am including some FAQ’s here.

Is coaching the same as hypnotism?   In coaching we do use some trance work and visualization but again the biggest difference between coaching and hypnotism is that coaching takes away the someone did to me and changes the connotation to with my coach’s direction I did this.  This way the client owns the change and feels in control of their own destiny.

There is nothing wrong with my life, do I still need a coach?  The main focus of coaching is self-development, improvement and maximization of all aspects of your life and happiness.  If you could have more happiness,, joy, love, understanding, compassion, passion, success and health, then why wouldn’t you?

I am too old, too young or (fill in your own excuse) to change.  This is the biggest thief of fulfillment you can ever say!  It is never too early or too late to improve the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones!  Anything you truly desire you can achieve with the proper coaching and let’s face it we have but one life and why not make it an amazing one not an average mundane one!

Does coaching guarantee that I will never have problems again?  Absolutely not! Problems are a sign of life!  They are a sign it’s time to grow!  What coaching will give you is the tools to not only handle the problems but turn them in to learning experiences that will help you grow and become stronger and giving the outcome a positive meaning will give you a life of excellence!

There is so much more to coaching than we can touch on in this one article and I encourage you to find out more by visiting our blog at and check out our full website at

Until we meet or talk in person I encourage you to live your life with energy, passion, integrity and always live your dreams!

Lew Bronstein


Lew Bronstein is a Certified Fitness and Life Coach and is the founder of Revitalize Life Fitness And Life Coaching located at 1197 East Altamonte Drive in Altamonte Springs Florida 32701.  We offer fitness and life coaching at our facility or worldwide via phone, skype or facetime.