This is the trite and out-dated image of “Pilates” Class: A group of fashionable housewives trying to attain Hollywood figures — or a bunch of “hotties” in spandex that a certain pop star sung about 15 years ago. And something about sucking in the belly while trying to do back-bends — which fails to work with the non-Ballerina and doesn’t even make biomechanical sense anyway.

This is the new and developing face of Pilates: A therapeutic workout tailored for spinal conditions; chronic pain; athletic injuries; even pre-surgery and post-Physical Therapy. Backed by ever-developing Sciences which have surely changed since Joseph Pilates started teaching almost a century ago — such as Osteopathics, Physiotherapy, and Kinesiology.

Pilates is embraced by Physicians, Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors for its therapeutic effects. And they also send me referrals. I’m here to show the world that Change IS Possible for the spine. It’s My Story. (

In short: I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 10 and told that there was “nothing” I could do about it. It took until age 40 to prove the Doctor incorrect, but that’s okay. I’m overjoyed every day. It took years of studying the Sciences behind it, and working with my own body before my initial Pilates organization even had a protocol for Scoliosis. And now, I love showing people how to get started, by handing them the tools to get there. I do this through a highly modified Pilates session, blended with Osteopathic Sciences; specialty exercises learned from my Physiotherapist, and therapeutic massage techniques. Besides being certified by the Pilates Method Alliance and STOTT PILATESĀ®, I am Board Certified through NCBTMB (307766-00) and have a state license to practice massage therapy (MAT#6286).

You may have seen some of my other blog articles on Scoliosis Management, which I have offered in occasional workshops. ( This is the first time that I’m offering a weekly class, and its populated with a number of regular clients who have seen me for years. Our first class debuted on September 21, 2017 at a lovely boutique studio called Kailua Pilates and Wellness Center, on Oahu.

This isn’t “just” a Scoliosis class, however… regular clients have other issues too, such as Spondylolisthesis — a forward-slippage of a vertebra.
Some have not been diagnosed with any spinal issue but do have hip imbalances — and they simply find that my therapeutic blend of Pilates, Osteopathic Sciences, and Therapeutic Massage techniques make them feel better. And yes, we use props, which tend to fly off the shelves.

And for those of you who have experienced Pilates before, this will definitely strike you as being very different from what you have seen at the gym or studio, or in a typical workout video. I have changed even the Breathing technique, based on what I learned from Osteopathic Sciences, as well as Eastern practices, about what healthy breathing actually looks like. And I have also taken out dysfunctional physical cues. Spoiler alert: If you’re used to constantly sucking in the belly, even as you inhale, you’ll be surprised to see how much better you can move, and how much more supported you feel, when you change this.

That’s really my joy — if someone walks out saying, “I feel so much better!”

I do want to make clear, that there is no such thing as a quick-fix or overnight miracle cure. Especially for chronic pain, an athletic injury, or a spinal condition. Changing the body happens incrementally and requires daily application — you wouldn’t go from a couch potato to running a Marathon in one day, would you? You have to re-train your muscles and nervous system. In order to do that, you also have to understand what your body is doing TODAY, and why it’s doing that. Another Spolier-alert: Changing the spine requires changing many other things, including in your hips and feet. And from personal experience, you do get the best results from one-on-one sessions — it’s really necessary to begin with that, because that’s where you get your fundamentals, and a workout tailored for your body/mind.

Okay, you’re probably thinking, well that sounds wonderful, IF I was living in Hawaii or able to travel out there. What about the rest of us living far away? I will be developing distance learning as well, and I look forward to meeting more of you.

With Aloha,



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