More powerful than any other hypnosis session available today, because Minus Method Hypnotherapy sessions are embedded with a powerful new Light and SOUND technology using 3D Virtual Reality Light and Binaural Beats in the sound each specifically designed to guide your mind to an ultra-intensely deep state of mental relaxation to easily and pleasantly enter into an enhanced learning state of mind and create new positive changes to REACH YOUR GOALS.

Minus Method requires NO PILLS, NO DIET, NO SURGERY and NO SURGERY. Minus Method’s safe, effective, hypnosistested and proven system allows you to have all of sessions in the privacy of your home and is up to 80% less in price than the well –known hypnosis centers PLUS there is no contract, AND you can share your sessions with family and friends, forever!


Minus Method Hypnosis Package Includes:

  • Virtual Reality 3D Hypnosis Glasses for the Minus Method unique TOTAL IMMERSION EXPERIENCE!
  • PLUS ONE YEAR SYSTEM of 52 EFFECTIVE Weight Loss Sessions
  • 3D Stereophonic Video Sessions
  • FREE online Coaching and Support Consultant

While the other hypnosis clinics charge up to $3,000 or even more, and require appointments, travel, contracts, etc. Minus Method Total Immersion provides all the sessions you need in the privacy and comfort of your home – or anywhere!



Unlike regular traditional style hypnosis, Minus Method utilizes a new technology – 3D Virtual Reality Hypnotherapy

Complete Package only $499 with FREE SHIPPING to your home today


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