Hello Everyone, thank you for stopping by. As ever, hoping to raise a smile or make you think or even help you to change your world. For those of you who follow me on Facebook -Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching, you will recognize little Harley. A lovable, adorable 5 year old Maltese who just loves life. I just can’t help but smile when I look at this picture and I always think he looks so happy and almost as if he’s smiling too!!! Smiling is contagious. Go on try it.

I have often thought we are walking powerhouses filled with treasure that we forget exits. We are so busy striving outwardly for riches that we fail to see the gifts that have been within us all the time. Much like little hamsters on their spinning wheel, we are caught in a perpetual cycle of expectation, convincing ourselves that once we get the promotion, the new house, the great job, somehow our lives will be complete. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to work hard and progress, but when it becomes all time consuming or we belittle others in our effort to get there, that’s when it becomes problematic. We need to remember, the fast cars will turn to rust, the buildings will crumble and we may look back someday on all the simple important things that we missed or were too busy to notice.

We are often so absorbed in our commercially driven culture that we feel guilty if we take just a little time to step off the crazy conveyor belt. I just don’t have time is a common phrase. As if these things have a life of their own and are somehow imposed on us. No wonder we go into overload and overwhelm at times and end up stressed. We forget about the importance of the simple things like taking a walk and focusing on nothing more than just taking a walk.  It’s about looking around and simply marveling at what you see. It’s not taking a walk and wondering about that meeting you went to yesterday or fretting about how your child will cope in baseball practice tomorrow or a host of other thoughts that may try and intrude into your thoughts. For once just take a walk, enjoy the feeling, appreciate the sky, the clouds, everything around you and for that half an hour or an hour let everything else go and let yourself breathe.

Being out in nature I think is a great healer. I often think and hour a day should be compulsory. Come rain or shine (well mostly shine to be honest, I am in South East Texas) I’m out there dog walking. I enjoy my time out there and have met some lovely people. Most are eager with their good mornings whilst others struggle to lift their heads. We need to be mindful though that we cannot judge their actions as we don’t know what they have been through, are going through or have yet to face. All I do know for sure, is that smiling for most folks is infectious and that’s one infection we could do with spreading. Smiling or a kind word is one of the few things that doesn’t cost. You can never underestimate how a simple action, freely given can be a precious gift to someone. You may just be the only person they see that whole day. I often think too that we fret too much about the gifts we give for birthdays and Christmas. Somehow it’s as if our love or our regard for the person has to be measured in the size or monetary value of the gift. More often than not the most precious gift you can give is your time and attention. Think about it………….


Peace and prosperity to you all


Elaine J A Wood





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