Today I am here to declare that positivity is a unique way of healing and its power is incredible. Positive thinking and self-control is perhaps the key to healthy life and longevity. If you want to live long and happy then you MUST think positive and make people smile more often around you. Sometimes the main cause of many diseases is hidden behind negative feelings, depression, stress, and sadness. Once you break them down into pieces and decide to turn your life into an inspiring adventure you choose positivity and therefore you heal and save yourself from a number of demons and health problems that tend to devour you by all means. Your body needs warmth, your heart needs subtle feelings, your soul needs active lifestyle and your brain needs reasonableness. When you satisfy all your needs you become strong enough to help many other people who struggle with anxiety, sadness, and stress.

What is Positivity?

Positivethinking_pinSince you already know that your lifestyle seeks for a radical change or changes, let’s discover what positivity is in order to bring it to our life. Well, from the scientific point of view stimulating neurons in the brain’s hippocampus that are normally activated by pleasurable experiences, protects mice from the depressive consequences of stress. That is to say when you experience something happy, pleasantly exciting and tender, your brain sends positive signals and your heart feels much more love, warmth, and joyful feelings. Nothing is more important for a person than being happy and healthy. Of course, there are days when we want to stay alone with our thoughts and lock ourselves from surroundings. Actually, that’s normal and there is nothing harmful in this. It’s a common necessity for the human soul and brain. But when you notice that it becomes a habit you must stop and think for a while. “What am I doing”? This is not normal. A person should be as positive as possible in any situation. Even if people think that you are a bit crazy you should still keep up with that catching attitude. It is useful not only for you but also for many weak people that fight against incurable diseases. You can become an awesome inspiration with your positive way of thinking. Let’s say that such people differ from the rest and they stand out in the crowd with their uniqueness. Positive people seem to be very strong and they actually love the life they live because they have chosen to live the way they like. They spend more time on kind activity than on sad loneliness. They are lovely, always kind and smiley. While they have many problems too, they still understand that everything is temporary in this life and they should do their best to take only the kindness and positivity from it. If you think that your life is too gloomy, it makes you unhappy or something goes wrong, then change the channel of the river and start doing all you love. Quit the job that annoys you, leave people alone that seem to be psychological vampires eating your blood and nerves by their negative attitude and lifestyle. Start contacting with those who think the same way as you. Travel as much as possible and spend your time only on the most beautiful things. Hold on your dreams and make them come true by all means. Try to find new ways to discover your own talents as you have them and they are a big source of positivity that will fill your heart and soul. Finally, forgive and love to be forgiven and loved!

Ester Banuchyan

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Ester is a passionate article/blog writer. She is a linguist with great interest towards all languages. She likes to work and travel at the same time that’s why her writing style is always engaging and fascinating. One of her greatest abilities is the well-balanced communicational skills that help her build healthy relationships wherever she meets new people. As for her writing talent, she is mainly into modern themes such as fashion, health and fitness. Ester’s dream and main aim is traveling all over the world and having her own charity company after an unknown name.

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