As we eat, nutrients are broken down to be transported throughout the body. The processes of organizing, shipping, and storing nutrients requires a lot, so an endless supply of nutrients are not able to be used at once. When nutrients reach their proper terminals, they will wait to be used, or moved to storage. During that wait, they can accumulate in the digestive tract, so the digestive system becomes clogged. A backup means more nutrient are being stored than being used.

Major storage of nutrients in the body is within the vascular walls. Varicose veins have been shown to contain excessive nutrients, which cause the unwanted growth.  If you can use more nutrients than you are taking in, this condition can be reversed over time. Nutrients that are needed by the body will be stripped from the vascular walls when the specific nutrients are not available in the blood. Unfortunately, if the digestive system is clogged with nutrients, it can be difficult to clear the blood.

Slow metabolism falls behind nutrient consumption, so more nutrients wait in line than are being used. Unfortunately, people who live sedentary lifestyles, and eat a lot of empty calories, suffer from slow metabolism. If muscles are being used a lot, and if the body is in a full-functioning state, the metabolism will be high, and more energy will be used to keep the body pumping. There is not always a lot we can do about our metabolism, so an alternative option is clear clogged nutrients from the digestive tract. Water consumption helps this a lot, but even then, the process is slow because water attempts to break down the nutrients rather than clear them out. There is one substance that removes nutrients completely.

Fiber is the sum of indigestible carbohydrates that remain solid during the journey through the body, and leave the body in the same form they came in. Because they are solid the whole time, they scrape at the pores, and clear piles of junk clogging the digestive system. Accumulated nutrients hiding in the tight crevices are pushed out of the body. Benefits of fiber can be found at Fiber keeps fluids moving through the body, so metabolism can occur at higher rates. Common sources of fiber are grains, and fruits, but there are also fiber supplements sold in stores. An increase of bowel movements usually occurs with increased fiber intake, but it just shows that the body is clearing out, and the fiber is working.

Once the digestive system is clear again, notice the changes in how much better you feel. Your body begins using more water, and nutrients. You breathe better due to increased oxygen flow, and your muscles feel less fatigue. All of the operations happen at regular intervals like they are supposed to. Soon the intestines will heal from the extended period of blockage. Varicose veins hint at underlying conditions, so take steps towards healing the major systems to see improvements.


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