Hello and welcome to Paradigm Shift! Thanks for stopping by. I’m so excited you’ve found us. I never believe in coincidences. Do you?

My name is Elaine Wood and I feel truly blessed and privileged to have been given the opportunity to write this life coaching column. My greatest wish is that my writing will in some way benefit others. My hope is that it will bring, you the reader whatever you need it to bring. Perhaps it will make you smile, make you think or even move you towards making that change you’ve long thought about.

To start, a little bit about me. I was born and brought up in a little fishing village on the Moray coast in the North of Scotland. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to spend my life helping others. I realized early on that to fulfill my dreams I needed to move to the big city of Aberdeen. Quite a challenge at the time for a ‘wee Scottish lassie’. I spent 30 years in Aberdeen furthering my professional development and raising two children with my wonderful husband. I worked as a teacher, lecturer and latterly psychologist before my husband and I decided to continue our life adventure in Houston, Texas.


I often think that it’s not until we look back on our life experiences and the paths we have followed that we begin to appreciate how the disappointments and challenging times were in fact stepping stones in preparation for something better to appear.  There was something I needed to learn in each and every one of mine for sure.


With my life experience and qualifications, the role of life coach suits me well. I don’t have a magic wand that I can wave and all your issues will be solved. What I do have are the skills and experience to work with you and support you to find solutions, to help you to unlock your potential and to work with you to remove the blocks that are holding you back. In reality, I feel we do have the answers we are searching for within ourselves, we just need the life coach to help us to know where to look. Life Coaching is a powerful process if you seek to change any aspect of your life.  I see life coaching as a two way process. We learn just as much about ourselves through helping others. A win, win for us both I think. I have worked with some amazing people over the years and have never ceased to be inspired by the strength of character, faith and commitment that I have witnessed. It just makes my soul sing to have played just a very small part in helping them on their journey. I believe each and every one of us is entitled to a happy prosperous fulfilling life. What form that will take will be as unique for each one of us as the stars in the heavens. It truly is a journey and more often than not, what you think you want is perhaps not what you really want, when you look a little below the surface.


Now changing the subject a little, I just wanted to share something with you. What’s in a name? Do they really matter? Personal names certainly matter. Whether you like your name or not it becomes part of who you are and it’s how you’re recognized and identified. Such is the great responsibility that parents have in choosing baby names. With the birth of this column I was asked to suggest a possible name for it. Much like the parents searching for their illusive baby’s name I gave it some deep thought and agonized over it. I have often found that when you put yourself under pressure to create something, your logical mind can go on overdrive and end up doing somersaults and coming up with little in return. I identify this as my analysis by paralysis phase.

I recognize when I am like this, nothing relevant gets through the jumble. I’ve found that often the best way to go forward is to get quiet, stop the clamor and noise that’s stressing you out over it, then ask yourself your question. Focus on the question, let it just sit there a few minutes and then let it be and get on with your day. The answer will eventually come and you’ll be much less stressed in finding it. I believe we have far more resources within ourselves than we realize. So in my soul search for a name, that’s exactly what I did and up popped Paradigm Shift. As soon as I heard it I felt it resonate within me. I believe the name encapsulates the principals that lie at the very heart of my life coaching. It signifies changes in thinking and finding a new way of doing things. Join me, it’s the beginning of a whole new journey for us all. Think about it……….  Peace and prosperity to you all xx



Elaine J. A. Wood

MSc, MA (Hons) C Psychol (UK)

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner


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