By Dr. Mercola

Instead of eating whole foods — real foods — the contemporary American diet typically consists mostly of sugar, highly processed grains, and a montage of chemicals that are anything but food.
To some extent, this isn’t your fault. Added sugars hide in 74 percent of processed foods under more than 60 different names,1 and these foods are carefully created in a laboratory with one thing in mind… profits.
If food manufacturers can create a winning combo of ingredients that you crave and can’t stop eating, it means you’ll keep coming back for more. Create they do, and it’s not by accident.
Dr. Howard Moskowitz, a long-time food industry consultant, is known as “Dr. Bliss.” A Harvard-trained mathematician, Moskowitz tests people’s reactions and finds the “optimal” amount of sugar for a product.
Essentially, he helps them find the “Goldilocks” zone of sugar, unhealthy fat, and salt that gets you to overeat and buy another bag or box even though you know you shouldn’t. And he’s made the sugar industry billions.2
Meanwhile, food giant Kellogg’s spent $32 million in 2014 just to advertise Pop Tarts. If you’ve seen them in the grocery store recently, you may see such alluring tag lines as “Limited Edition” and “made with real nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove” (for its seasonal pumpkin pie flavor).3
The marketing cleverly gets you feeling nostalgic about your grandma’s pumpkin pie and, lest you miss out on this special seasonal treat, a box or two wind up in your cart. You might even rationalize it by focusing on the “real” spices it contains.
But the only thing “real” about a box of Pop Tarts, or virtually any other sugar-laden processed food on the market, is the fact that it will slowly but surely desecrate your health.

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