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I battled Scoliosis and won — can modifed Pilates help you, too?

I had Scoliosis from childhood and was told at age 10 that there was “nothing” I could do about it. Well, at age 40, I proved that assertion wrong. I used modified Pilates, Osteopathic Sciences, and therapeutic bodywork to change my spine — and along with that, I changed the hips, feet, and more. Please do keep in mind that there was no quick-fix or micacle cure, it was a lot of work. And it involved discovering a lot of information that wasn’t talked about much in the medical field. But I had the pleasure of convincing a local Neurosurgeon who does spinal surgeries that there are therapeutic options that he had not previously considered for pre-and post-surgery. Now, I help clients to see things in a very simple way. The concepts are simple. The exercises start out simple. Complexity builds based on the client’s individual needs and experiences. The most important thing is daily effort.

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Priceless Gifts

                                                                      Hello Everyone, thank you for stopping by. As ever, hoping to raise a smile or make you think or even help you to change your world. For those of you who follow me on Facebook -Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching, you will recognize little Harley. A lovable, adorable 5 year old Maltese who just loves life. I just can’t help but smile when I look at this picture and I always think he looks so happy and almost as if he’s smiling too!!! Smiling is contagious. Go on try it. I have often thought we are walking powerhouses...

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How to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil has become popular in last few years. It comes in several varieties and is used as a primary ingredient in many products. The health benefits of cbd are abundant such as cbd oil for pain, cbd oil for cancer and even more and there are no real side effects if cbd. It also comes in various forms and types. Due to this versatility, it has become possible to use it in numerous diverse ways. If you are planning to get a particular CBD oil product, then this article can be a real help to give you basic knowledge...

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Paying People to Not Cut Down Trees Pays Off, Study Finds | InsideClimate News

Across dozens of villages in rural Uganda, researchers have explored what they believe could be an easy way to help tackle climate change: paying landowners to leave their trees standing. The concept is simple—and controversial, because critics say it can foist the burden of cutting emissions onto developing countries. But the researchers, led by an economist from Northwestern University, found that these financial incentives—or “payments for ecosystems services”—have both a climate and economic benefit, something that had not been firmly established in previous studies. “This idea of payments for ecosystem services is not new, but there’s still a lot...

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