By Dr. Mercola

Amalgam, typically referred to as “silver fillings,” is a consumer fraud perpetuated by those who, through the years, have stood to gain from its continued sale.

This includes the American Dental Association Health Foundation, the non-profit research arm of the American Dental Association (ADA), which held patents on two (now expired) amalgam formulations (patent numbers: US04078921 and US04018600).

By referring to the color of the compound rather than its content, consumers have been kept in the dark about the fact that they’re placing a known neurotoxin — mercury — into their teeth.

As noted in a 2010 scientific review1 on mercury exposure and children’s health, there is no known safe level of exposure for mercury.

Ideally, exposure should be zero, so those who insist amalgams — which are 50 percent mercury — pose no threat to health are not acting in an ethical or responsible manner.

Amalgams Release Mercury Vapors

Dental amalgams readily release mercury vapors whenever you chew or brush your teeth, which pass through your cell membranes, across your blood-brain barrier, and into your central nervous system.

Effects can be psychological, neurological, and/or immunological.

One 2012 study2 evaluating the effects of mercury on cognition in adults found that mild impairment was evident at blood mercury levels of 5 to 15 µg/L. Above 15 µg/L, cognition was significantly impaired.

Most people are aware that mercury is hazardous to health, but if they don’t know that amalgam fillings contain mercury, then they can’t object to it in the first place.

FDA Has Failed to Address Amalgam Fraud

In a report titled, “Measurably Misleading,”3 Consumers for Dental Choice, led by Charlie Brown, reveals how the dental industry and the FDA have deceived you about amalgam.

According to a Zogby poll, 57 percent of Americans are unaware that amalgam contains mercury; 23 percent believe


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