Ankita Gaur is the CEO of Infinitea, Bangalore. 

She says, “Running is not a passion, for me it’s my religion. Long distance running in itself is quite difficult and it becomes even more challenging if you are juggling work and your family. But there is nothing a woman can’t do. Striking a perfect work-life balance is not possible for everyone but one can certainly work towards it.”

“Being a marathon runner I need to keep myself fit and I have to do high mileage running. I run five times a week and strength train thrice week. I prefer finishing my workout early in the morning, so nothing comes between my fitness and I have no reason to skip it. “But yes there are days when I’m running short on time. If I have a workout schedule that day, I either try to workout in the evening, like a slow run around my office or apartment, or hit a treadmill, or simply walk/run on staircase three to four times. It’s a great workout and does wonders for your legs,”  adds Gaur.

On maintaining a proper diet, she mentions, “Your fitness is 90% of what you eat and 10% your workout. I don’t believe in following any fad diet. What I do believe in, is eating healthy. I prefer eating simple home cooked meals.”

“My typical breakfast is usually eggs or oats. The days I know I will be having a tight schedule, I prepare oats with almond/soy milk (no sugar) mixed with nuts and seeds the night before and keep them in fridge. It tastes really good and spares me from all the excuses of eating an unhealthy breakfast at work. I snack a lot only on fruits, almonds, walnuts and seeds – chia and pumpkin. A typical snack is black coffee/ green tea with a fruit along with nuts. A simple thing like replacing white rice with brown, brings a huge change in your body composition. I make brown rice the night before and take it to work for lunch, she adds.

“At times I add greens to it. Get dal from office, mix it all and eat. Dinner is usually a grilled tofu chicken or fish with vegetables. When at work, I stay away from any flavored teas or coffee. There is an insane amount of refined sugar in those flavoured juices and beverages which will spoil all your hard work. Replace it with black coffee or green or black tea. In-case I’m eating at work, I stick to simple dal, yoghurt, roti or salad. Being in the hospitality industry, it is a real struggle to watch my diet, she says.

Here are a few simple things she follows to stay on track:

“I drink a lot of water. It suppresses hunger and it keeps your system clean.

Stay clear of sugar, in any form. If there is a craving, I take a bike of dark chocolate that is above 70% cacao or jaggery.

I always carry apples and almonds with me or eat boiled eggs.

Stay clear of all low fat, low calorie and refined food like bread, biscuits, flavoured yogurt, chips. They tend to increase your hunger pangs.

Post lunch or breakfast, climb stairs instead of elevator or go for a walk for five to ten minutes.”

Her advice to our readers:

Keep your workouts simple:

Something you can do on regular basis even if it’s for twenty to thirty minutes. Like an easy run or spend thirty minutes at the office gym.

Consistency is the key to success:

Plan your workout in advance so that nothing comes between you two. At times you will feel lazy or not in mood. In such moments of crisis wear your workout gear and slowly start moving around. It will immediately put you in the mood.

Listen to your body:

Always warm up and cool down post your workouts and drink enough water. It’s the key to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t complicate your diet. Do not starve. Starving never helps and neither does following fad diets. You’ll soon get bored and lose interest. Instead of all that, keep things simple, eat five to six healthy small meals and avoid anything that is precooked or packaged.

Set Realistic Goals:

Even if it involves just working out thrice a week. Unrealistic goals might lead to disappointment if not achieved and can play with your morale. Instead, keep small and realistic goals that keep you motivated and on your toes. Like running two kilometers everyday come what may.

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