Taking care of your health is a virtue, and your diet is the front line of that duty. Conscious people understand the fundamentals of a healthy diet, however, some of them are falsely tricked into believing that those rules don’t apply when you are on the travel. On the opposite, taking healthy diet on the travel has more importance than your eating habits at home.

So whether you are taking a holiday trip, planning a long vacation or traveling for business purposes, don’t forget to take your diet with you because unwise food choices during traveling can have disastrous effects on your metabolism and health in general. You can lose weight, gain it and even get your digestive system disturbed for not listening to your gut.

We are going to point out some easy diet packs for you so you don’t get stressed out on your journey. Smart diet during the travel prevents you from gaining weight but also protects you from starvation. The first thing that happens during such trips is that your eating schedule is shuffled so you are eating when you should be sleeping and you are eating when time hangs heavy.

So you should focus on foods that can take adjust the disorder of your eating timetable during such trips and also satisfies your hunger. According to the health experts when you get hungry during vacation trips, fast-food points end up being the ultimate choice as a fast solution. However, this fast solution is going to get you heavy and affect your performance during your business trip.

Healthy Foods To Pack On The Go

Healthy Foods

Now it is understandable that you can’t overstuff your travelling bag with food items because it’s usually bloated already, so pack the snacks that take less space and do more of the magic. Here are some selective snacks that will do the trick.

  • Raw nuts (but keep the portions to about 1/4 cup) and soy nuts
  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • Bagels
  • Pretzels
  • Low-sugar granola bars
  • Low-fat energy bars
  • Mini carrots

Take a Healthy Start on Your Journey

Ever heard the notion, “how high you go depends upon how hard you bounce when you hit the ground.” All meaning to say… don’t leave hungry. If you started your trip with a hungry stomach, you will end up making bad food choices on the road, so start off your trip on the right foot with a healthy meal before you leave.

Don’t forget to Pack your Calorie calculator

Any fitness coach won’t be more agreeable if you keep your calorie calculator with you all the time. Counting calories keeps you focused and keeps you on the track. So cut calories wherever you can, stay away from sauces.  Just ask yourself, would you not go for a sandwich minus mayonnaise, if dropping it alone can rid you from 30 grams of fat? Mindful and tempting isn’t it?

Find the Best Option, Always

As mentioned, hurling things up is a recipe for unhealthy food, so don’t think of the nearest restaurant; doesn’t matter you have to drive or walk, take those few steps, there could be a healthy salads or sandwich shop just around the corner.

Process the food, Burn it Fast

Those who complain about constipation during the travel don’t pay much attention to expert advice. How can your food properly travel through the tube if you are still sitting on the chair after having travelled an 8-hour trip on the plane? Try to find opportunities, forget elevators and prefer stairs where you can, avoid escalators and keep yourself warm by walking as much as you can. So once again, don’t just sit there.

Don’t be Afraid to take on the Airport Challenge

Weight-conscious individuals are afraid of eating at the airports, but that’s also not wise because the point of the diet is not starving yourself or losing weight but to maintain your health. So if you feel like airports are a danger-zone for you, then you need to develop sharper eyes. It is true that at airport terminals tempting choices like the pizzas, hot dogs, and other fast food items are more accessible, but you can create your own healthy meal.

If you packed your snacks, this would be a good time to chew on them and if you did not you can still manage. Buy a bagel, don’t eat it with butter or cream cheese and prefer a little jelly instead. Likewise, fresh fruit, low-fat or fat-free yogurt, salads without fatty dressings, and bottled water and fruit juices are also smart options and fairly available at airports as well.

Visiting somebody? Negotiate Dinners

Yes, it’s rude to make faces over the food your friends or family have heartedly made for you, but you got to find your way out and informing them in advance is the politest way. So before you set out on your journey, just tell them over the phone that you are on a diet, so they should know. This way you will be able to negotiate meals and control dinner menus.

If your host is a dirty old stubborn pal who won’t listen to rubbish, well, then you have no option but to tell them your “doctor told me to” what to eat and what not to. The doctor trick works for the most, your friend wouldn’t want to see you in bad health. And if for some reason, your friend won’t listen, then there’s always the Good Morning trick where you tell your host how the food last night kept you up. Still need more excuses? You better get creative!

Simple Food, Healthier Journey

Eat veggies or shrimp cocktail, leave the cheese cubes or mini-quiches alone, prefer white-meat turkey and forget about the skin. Because you are not at your home so you have to sometimes compromise calories in exchange for nutrition, so food items like Pumpkin isn’t a bad deal because it’s full of Vitamin A. Likewise egg yolk is beneficial but whites are not. You get the clue.


Don’t think laws of biology won’t apply to you when you are traveling, make better choices and stick to your diet. And when they say travel light, it also includes your stomach, not literally but if you do follow these golden rules for a healthier journey and take your diet on the journey, you will feel blessed and not betrayed by the food.


Waqas Malik

Waqas Malik is an active science journalist, blogger and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening, delivering the latest news as it breaks.