Energy Medicine and Your Mind

Our mind, body, and soul are all interconnected. When we have an imbalance in our thoughts and emotions due to stress, an emotional shock, limiting beliefs, and toxic thinking, then we will soon see an imbalance begin to manifest in our health, energy levels and vitality. We have an extraordinary spiritual and energetic anatomy. Energy medicine is the ability to work with the body’s subtle, electromagnetic and electrical energies. Our divine design includes not only our soul and spirit, but many other intricate energetic systems and subsystems.

In totality they can all be included in and as the bio-auric field, however there are many energy pathways, energy centers, subtle energy bodies, energy fields, waves and energetic patterns that all interlink and interdepend on one another, that make-up this entire human aura. When there is an energetic disharmony in any one system, then this will also be reflected in all the others. Energy Medicine aims at rebalancing this energetic disharmony and harmonizing the other energy systems to bring a greater level of balance of health and well-being to the physical body. Check out one very important energetic system below:

The Chakra System

We have seven main chakras which can be described as spiritual and energetic power stations of light and intelligence. Each powerful energy center helps to regulate the flow of life force energy within and around the physical body. And, each energy center is associated with an endocrine gland and governs over certain bodily organs, systems and affects specific body parts. When there is an energetic blockage within any of the chakras due to any emotional and psychological disturbances, then their associated organs and body parts are also affected. Emotional and mental issues are the main cause of most energetic imbalances within the chakras. When there are any longstanding emotional and psychological problems, then the chakras can become dysfunctional.

They will begin to slow down in their speed, alter their usual directional flow, change their dominant color frequency, and become unable to transmute old life force or process new energies they intake from the environment. When they fail to transmute environmental toxins, then our bodies can begin to store this excess toxicity and our energy vibration will soon become contaminated. The results of this is that our energy will be weakened and therefore it will become less vibrant. Eventually this frazzled energetic disharmony will begin to supress the immune system and thus physical issues such as illness, dis-ease, aches and pains can begin to manifest.

The following divine medicine prayer will help to add divine light to each of your energy systems and influence your body’s biological and cellular systems. 

Divine Medicine Healing Prayer

“Dear God, I am willing to change my limiting thoughts and beliefs that interfere with my health and my life. I ask that you help me to align my mind with divine truth and divine love, the source of all healing power.” I ask this for my greatest good. Thank you God. Amen. It is done!”


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