By Dr. Mercola

The mission of and its Health Liberty partners is to inform and educate you about the fraud and deception created by the junk food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries that threaten your health.

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It was formed to help protect your freedom to make voluntary health choices.

Each partner-organization has a rich history of advocacy and active campaigning for change and better access to truly empowering health information. With your help, we’ve achieved a number of accomplishments.
There are also a number of current campaigns that need your urgent support to succeed.

Mercury-Free Dentistry Is Forging Ahead

Amalgam is the #1 use of mercury in America today. By straitjacketing low- and moderate-income consumers, Aetna is one of the major causes of mercury pollution in America today.” – Charlie Brown, Executive Director, Consumers for Dental Choice.

Amalgam dental fillings, which are 50 percent mercury, have been causing a wide range of problems for the past 150 years. Not only does it expose you to mercury, it also damages your teeth, and is a major source of environmental mercury pollution.

The intention of Consumers for Dental Choice is to end the use of mercury fillings, not just in the US, but around the world. In the video above, Charlie Brown discusses the battle to ban mercury fillings worldwide.
After years of intense grassroots work, they successfully got dental amalgam included in the


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