Water is all around us, inside our bodies,  it is a natural element we live closest to followed by air and Earth. An average adult body is composed of 55-65% of water while all the metabolic processes from macro to cellular level are driven by this medium. So the fact that water is essential for health is incontrovertible, but what benefits exactly does it have?

Research by hydration expert like Doug Casa reveals benefits of pure drinking water. We feel healthier when we are sufficiently hydrated. So here are some health benefits of water that you should always take in to account before going dehydrated for a long period.

  • Water helps you lose weight when you are sufficiently hydrated. You should be able to see a correlation between increased intake of water and exercise because extra water boosts metabolism, especially catabolic processes of the body that help break fats. Moreover, people who drink more feel less hungry and eat less. Keep in mind water optimizes your hunger, it does not damage your appetite
  • It assists warm-weather work out because heat exhausts more energy, thus, more sweat is released and as a result, a greater amount of body fluids are renewed. This natural cycling system makes you fresh and you get more energy to do more exercise.
  • Water improves digestion by speeding up the process of breakdown of fats and soluble fiber. Moreover, water is also good for constipation as a greater amount of fluid through your gastrointestinal tract means better flush mechanism. Remember that easy bowel movements also mean reduced burden on kidneys and liver.
  • Sufficient hydration helps you fight fatigue which can attack you when you are exhausting yourself through some day and night office assignment, long travel or heavy work out. However, it should be noted that water alone won’t do the trick, you’d need to mix it with carbohydrates and salts to balance metabolites as well.
  • Water helps prevent bladder cancer because people who drink more water urinate more frequently, which prevents accumulation of possible carcinogens in the urinary bladder and chances of  the bladder and even colon cancer are reduced.
  • Water can improve moods? Yes, it can because it is the stuff that forms 70% of all the matter present in your brain and when there is a depletion in that level, you feel the stress on your mind which becomes visibly evident on your moods.
  • It prevents migraines and other types of headaches that originate from unknown causes because water maintains osmotic pressure in the neural matrix of your skull.
  • It reenergizes us because feeling exhausted can be one of the signs of H2O depletion, which forces you to want to rest. Moreover, with sufficient hydration, you can focus better on things because water also improves your memory and concentration.
  • Water prevents joint problems by lubricating joints and cartilages which ensure greater flexibility and endurance from your bone joints, especially the spine.


There are tons of other benefits of water intakes. The importance of water for health is inevitable and in our next post, we will shed light on some more mysterious properties of water that you never knew. Keep in touch.

Waqas Malik

Waqas Malik is an active science journalist, blogger and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening, delivering the latest news as it breaks.